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Taxation in Slovakia
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Taxation in Slovakia

Corporate Tax

Main rate: 19%

Resident companies are taxed on worldwide income; non-resident companies are taxed only on Slovakian-source income. A company is deemed to be resident in Slovakia if its legal seat or place of effective management is in Slovakia. Corporate tax is charged at a flat rate of 19%. Dividends paid from profits are not subject to tax in the hands of corporate or individual shareholders. Partnerships are transparent for tax purposes, and the partners are taxed on their share of partnership income.

Individual Tax

Flat rate of 19%

Resident individuals are taxed on their worldwide income; non-residents pay tax only on Slovakian-source income. Individuals who have their permanent residence or habitual abode in Slovakia are considered to be resident for tax purposes. Presence for 183 days in a tax year implies habitual abode. Individual income tax is charged at a flat rate of 19%. Income from capital, including interest, is included in total income. Dividends received are not taxed.

Capital Gains

Company gains on business assets are taxed as income

Capital gains of companies and individuals generally are included in taxable income. Certain gains of individuals are exempt, including gains on the sale of a dwelling that was used as the individual's permanent address for at least two years and gains on other immovable property that was owned for at least five years before the sale.

Indirect Tax

VAT standard rate: 19% ; VAT reduced rate: 10%

Value-added tax (VAT) applies to most transactions at the standard rate of 19%. A reduced rate of 10% applies to selected goods (for example, medications and medical equipment) listed in a special annex. Exports are zero-rated. Exemptions include certain services, for example financial, insurance, educational and broadcasting services. Non-residents from other EU countries who are registered for VAT abroad may be able to recover input tax paid in Slovakia. Slovakia also refunds VAT to non-residents established outside the EU. However, this applies only for residents from several selected countries.

Registration is compulsory for businesses with a turnover exceeding SKK 1.5m in a 12-month period. Voluntary registration is possible.

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