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Slovakia Military


The Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic (Ozbrojene Sily Slovenskej Republiky) number 23,350 uniformed personnel. Slovakia joined NATO in March 2004.From the year 2006 the army transformed into a fully professional organisation and compulsory military service was abolished.

The Slovak Ground Forces are made up of two active mechanised infantry brigades. One armoured division and one paramilitary brigade in strategic reserve. The Air Defence Forces comprise of one wing of fighters, one wing of attack and utility helicopters, and one SAM brigade.

Slovakia's plan for defence reform is the Force 2015 Long-Term Plan, which strikes a balance between requirements and resources and which envisions a professionalised, combat-capable force of 22,000 uniformed personnel by 2009.

Slovakia has 750 personnel deployed worldwide for NATO- and United Nations-led peace support operations (PSOs) as well as an engineering unit in Afghanistan. Slovakia has markedly increased its commitment to KFOR and SFOR in Kosovo and Bosnia in 2002. Since the independence of Slovakia in 1993, there have been 53 uniformed personnel deaths in the line of service (by 2008).


Military branches
Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic (Ozbrojene Sily Slovenskej Republiky): Land Forces (Pozemne Sily), Air Forces (Vzdusne Sily) (2008)

Military service age and obligation
17-30 years of age for voluntary military service; conscription abolished in 2006; women are eligible to serve (2007)

Manpower available for military service
males age 16-49: 1,420,966
females age 16-49: 1,386,259 (2008 est.)

Manpower fit for military service
males age 16-49: 1,165,470
females age 16-49: 1,152,941 (2009 est.)

Manpower reaching militarily significant age annually
male: 36,552
female: 34,783 (2009 est.)

Military expenditures
1.87% of GDP (2005 est.)





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