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Getting Around in Slovakia

By Air

Air Slovakia ( and SkyEurope Airlines ( serve the domestic routes in Slovakia.

By River

There are 2372 km of navigable waterways. The Danube is the main artery for transport by ship which is operated by Slovak Shipping & Ports ( Cruises covering historic and tourist interests are also operated. There is also regular passenger transport on the Danube.

By Rail

Train is by far the best option to travel across Slovakia. Rail network is extensive, the only exception is central southern Slovakia, where buses are more efficient. Trains are fairly priced, reliable and clean. The rail network is operated by Railways of the Slovak Republic (

Opt for an InterCity service if you want Western-style comfort - IC trains link Bratislava, Žilina, The High Tatras and Košice. These are somewhat more expensive, but less crowded as the ordinary trains do get crowded, usually on Fridays and Sundays.

The Eurail Pass is valid in Slovakia, although its holders must buy a €3 supplement in order to travel on IC/EC trains and a €7 supplement to travel on SC SuperCity trains in Slovakia. Because seat reservations for travel on both trains are required, and they are provided through the supplement, advanced booking is recommended, especially on major routes.

By Road

Traffic drives on the right. The major routes run from Bratislava to Presov and Kosice, via Kralovany and Poprad. The network of roads and supporting services (garages, petrol stations, restaurants, hotels and motels) is dense and reliable. Roads are standardised as motorways (200km), first- (3000km), second- (3500km) and third-class (11,000km) metalled roads, and are generally in good condition, particularly on the main arteries. Motorways are equipped with emergency telephones every half a mile or less. The Slovakia emergency system provides a fast and reliable network of garages, tow trucks and medical services. Road signs comply with European standards.

Seat belts are compulsory and drinking is absolutely prohibited. The speed limit in towns is 60kph (37mph); outside towns, 90kph (56mph); and on motorways, 130kph (81mph).


The extensive network covers all areas and is efficient and comfortable.

Car Rental

Self-drive cars may be pre-booked through the tourist office in main towns and resorts. When renting, a toll sticker (vignette) is typically provided by the car rental agent and is available for one to seven days, one month or yearly.

Documentation: Most rental companies require a valid international driving licence.

Urban Transportation

Buses, trolleybuses and trams exist in Bratislava and several other towns. Bratislava has a rather good public transportation system although a lot of the vehicles are quite old - buses tend to be the slowest mode of transportation.

All the cities operate flat-fare systems, and pre-purchase passes are available. Tickets should be punched in the appropriate machine on entering the tram or bus. A separate ticket is usually required when changing routes. There is a fine for fare evasion. Blue badges on tram and bus stops indicate an all-night service.

Taxis are available in all the main towns and are cheap; higher fares are charged at night. It's always better to call a taxi and wait for it than to flag one down in the street because taxi firms charge a lower rate when a ride has been prearranged. If you do have to flag one down, it is a good idea to agree on a price before getting inside. Also, make sure that the taxi has a working meter.





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