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Driving in Slovakia (Domestic Help)
In Slovakia, vehicles travel on the right side of the road. Speed limits are strictly enforced with radar. The maximum speed allowed in built-up areas and towns is 60km/h. Outside of urban areas it is 90km/h, and on expressways it is 130km/h. The blood alcohol limit in Slovakia is 0.05 and there is zero tolerance for driving under the influence of alcohol. If a driver is found with blood alcohol more than 0.05, he/she is subject to immediate arrest and his/her driving licence barred.

Seatbelts are compulsory and childrens below the age of 12 must sit in the rear seat. The minimum age for driving in Slovakia is 18, and EU or EEC driver's licence, or foreign driver's licence with International Driving Permit, is required.

Drivers must yield the right of way to all vehicles with flashing blue lights (police, ambulances, fire trucks, motorcades). Vehicles with yellow or orange lights usually mean that traffic must slow down. Drivers must always be cautious on side roads where slowly moving vehicles, such as agricultural vehicles, may not be well marked.

Slovakia requires motorists who wish to use the Slovak toll-road system to purchase a windshield sticker or stamp, which is utilised in lieu of paying road tolls in cash. The toll sticker or stamp is valid for one year. Short-term 15 day permits are also available. There is a substantial fine for not displaying the toll sticker on your windshield. The stickers are available at border crossings, gas stations, post offices and some retail outlets.

There are occasionally police checks on roads in Slovakia, and all drivers must stop for them. Even if you don't break any rules, the police have the authority to stop you for a random check. They usually check that your vehicle papers are in order. Occasionally they may check your alcohol level, though this usually only occurs after dark. You should always have the following documents with you when driving and show them to the police upon request:

• a valid Slovak driver's licence, or foreign driver's licence along with International Driving Permit;
• car registration papers (Malý technický preukaz);
• proof of insurance;
• personal identification.

Non-EU nationals who are long term residents in Slovakia, are obliged to apply to exchange their driver’s licence for a Slovak driver’s licence. Conditions for the exchange are set by the Law on Road Traffic effective, from February 2009.

A condition for exchange of a foreign driver’s licence under the law is membership of the issuing country in either in Geneva Convention or Vienna Convention on Road Traffic.

The law obliges all holders of a foreign driver’s licence who also have a residency permit in Slovakia, to apply to exchange their driver’s licence for a Slovak driver’s licence no later than 60 days after elapsing of 185 days from the residency permit issuance. The applications are filed with the Dopravny Inspektorat at the District Police department in the place of residency in Slovakia. The Slovak driver’s licence is issued in the EU format and may be used in all EU countries. Completion of the regular driving course and a written examination (in Slovak) are required for issuance of the Slovak driver's licence.





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