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Choosing the right International School
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Choosing the Right International School in Bratislava

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How to Choose the Right International School for Your Child in Bratislava

When you’re facing the exciting prospect of relocating your family to Bratislava, one of the biggest challenges you’ll encounter is finding the right school for your children. It pays to take a strategic approach to the research stage, and cover all bases to get the information that you need. Here, we take a look at important areas to consider when looking for the very best British international school.

Spend a Prolonged Period Getting to Know the Area

A brief visit is never enough to get a real feel for a new environment. When it comes to making your choice around which school is right for your children, it pays to take your time. If possible, take a holiday of at least 2-3 weeks in Bratislava, and schedule plenty of time for getting to know the area and visiting the various districts and schools. As the largest city in Slovakia, there’s a lot of ground to cover. This will give you a real feel for day-to-day life.

Take a Look at the Whole Picture, Not Just Classroom Education

The curriculum is likely to be your main priority, but always remember that there’s much more to school life than what goes on in the classroom. Ask yourself questions about the facilities and sporting provisions, and any after-school activities that are regularly offered on-site. It’s these little extras that will often help your children to form relationships with their peers and immerse themselves in their new routines.

Seek Out Contacts in Your New Location

There are hundreds of expats in Bratislava who were once in the exact same situation as you are now. If your employer hasn’t provided you with any details, it’s fairly easy these days to do it yourself. Just hit the Internet and search for forums and discussion boards for expats. This is a fantastic way to ask questions and hear first-hand experiences of the local area and the schooling options that are available. Of course, these contacts will come in very useful once you make your move.

Meet the Staff and Get to Know Them

The staff working in any reputable school will be more than willing to arrange some time for you to come in and get to know the team. If you’ve got a few possible schools on your list, this can be a great way to get a feel for the various settings and understand what it’s like to learn there on a daily basis. It pays to have a list of potential questions to ask before you arrive, so you can cross-reference the answers when it comes to making your final decision. Ask questions about things such as daily routines for pupils, standards of behaviour, and anything else that’s important to you when it comes to your child’s education.

There’s no doubting the fact that choosing an international school is a tough task, and it’s certainly not one that you can make overnight. By considering these key areas though, you can take a well-rounded approach.

Article written by Nord Anglia Education, Bratislava Campus - part of a family of 27 international schools providing a premium education to over 16000 students around the world.





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